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5% After
24 Hours

Minimum 50 USD

Maximum 499 USD

Period : After 24 Hours

Novice Plan

10% After
48 Hours

Minimum 1,000 USD

Maximum 3,000 USD

Period : After 48 Hours

ultimate Plan

20% After
72 Hours

Minimum 5,000 USD

Maximum 10,000 USD

Period : After 48 Hours

diamond Plan

35% After
96 Hours

Minimum 12,000 USD

Maximum unlimited USD

Period : After 96 Hours

executive Plan

Principal is returned in your profit . All plans are ROI.

extracoin Profit

Total Return

About extracoin.us

Extracoin over the past 10 years, we have been providing instant loans to millions of people across the Globe. We believe that the expanding digital world helps improve our lives. We would like to contribute by providing the World's First Instant Crypto-backed Loans.
Extracoin enjoy your crypto wealth today without selling your crypto assets!

Flexible Crypto Credit Line

Your Crypto Credit Line limit is based on the market value of the crypto assets in your Nexo-crypto Account. Additional credit is automatically and instantly available upon appreciation of your crypto’s value
Let your crypto work for you. The only insured account that lets you borrow instantly in 45+ fiat currencies and earn daily interest on your idle assets.

No Minimum Repayments, No Hidden Fees

Interest is debited from your available limit. Make repayments at any time.

Fast Payments

Get your payment Fast and within a few hours maximal 1x24 hours! Minimum withdrawal is 50.00 USD.

Registered Company

extracoin.us Investment official company registered in the

DDoS Protected

Our server protected from attack
of any type by trusted DDoS

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